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June 27, 2017

a new way of being creative

Let's start a new paradigm about creativity. I'm tired of being told, as a writer, that I must deprive myself of comfort, frighten my mind, challenge myself, trawl my own misery, write what disturbs me. and occupy my thoughts with conflict.

I want my creativity to nourish and delight me. 

I want to write to enchant my mind and bring joy to my life. Instead of challenging myself, I want to consult my deep womanly wisdom, and create things that make me interested, absorbed, happy, fulfilled, not scared.

Perhaps it is our heritage of unrelenting war, or else our economic system that defines others as competition, but whatever the case we have a culture focussed on conflict and unease. No wonder writers and artists have so many little rituals they go through before they can begin work. I suspect it's not from superstition but a deep wish for safety, self-care, a little bit of comfort. Once they do begin the work, they must make themselves (according to most advice) frightened, stretched, challenged, self-doubting, tormented.

I do not submit to that militaristic paradigm. I write and take photographs from a place of love and inspiration. Instead of wrestling with my muse I adore him and sing holy, holy, for whatever he gives me. Creativity is not be an exercise in self-brutality for me. It is my haven, my garden, my healing.

art by Jeanie Tomanek